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10 Things on Thanksgiving Eve

On this Thanksgiving Eve, 1.  I bought pants. 2. I have a tragedy hangover. 3. I appreciate the words of a friend about Thanksgiving being a time to rest from the chaos of the world. 4. I was sad to see that B. Smith of the famous Washington D.C. restaurant is missing and has Alzheimer’s. She is beautiful and successful and lost. 5. I asked my friend Christina how to make her wild rice casserole and was relieved to hear mushroom soup was involved. This makes it putting it together more like reflex than actual paying-attention cooking. 6. The onset of the holidays brings about an irresistible urge to travel…

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Start Where You Are

It’s depressing like a funeral. I went to the demonstration at Milwaukee’s Red Arrow Park because I had to be a body. I’ve gone to funerals sometimes because I’ve gotten it in my head that the bereaved, a dead friend or acquaintance’s relatives, should be able to turn around in their seats and see a…

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But He Seemed Like Such a Nice Guy

A highly-respected local columnist is catching it on Facebook because of a piece he published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel entitled “This is the Bill Cosby I Know.” The columnist, Eugene Kane, came to know Bill Cosby after criticizing him for one of his famous rants about ‘all that is wrong about the black community.’ Kane talks about the Bill Cosby he came to know and it’s clear he both likes and admires the guy but, as a journalist, can’t ignore the claims of a growing number of women that Cosby drugged and raped them. No one but the world’s biggest misogynist idiot would advance the idea that over a…

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“What’s your deal with wrecked things?” “It’s not wrecked. It’s just leaning a little. If it was wrecked, there’d be a hole in the roof or a side of it would be on the ground.” “Sure, whatever you say. But don’t deny you’ve got a thing for things that are falling in on themselves.” “I…

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Fashion News

The most amazing thing in my life right now is that most of my pants are falling off my ass. This might be something that has happened to most people but it has never happened to me. Generally, the opposite has been true where I have had to stuff, tuck, or at least coax my ass into my pants. Now I am walking along and stopping to hitch up my pants every thirty seconds like a ‘pants on the ground’ kid. If a stiff wind hit me, I swear my pants would collapse on the ground around my feet. I kid you not. It’s completely crazy. “Wear a belt,” my husband…

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I’m 1 in 3

Today is the national 1 in 3 Speak Out, part of a multi-year movement to reduce abortion stigma by asking women to tell their stories. I know this is a powerful thing because I did it. Twice. After I wrote an essay that got a lot of attention, I was invited to speak in October…

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My dad handled everything smoking a cigarette, later a cigar clenched in his teeth. He fixed things with a blowtorch, kept screws in peanut butter jars. When he wasn’t fixing things, he took my mother to the hospital and played the piano.

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Her children are doing great, one is an accountant, another in law school, the last in Central America on a break from college,resumes folded in her purse to show me if I asked. I turned away from the contest, knowing I would have to say that, of mine, three are happy and one not so much but that probably changes day by day. I stopped keeping track of their accomplishments or not and now settle on whether I want to have lunch with them and whether they can tell a decent joke or get one, which one of them I would trust to show up if I was stranded, no…

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Lady Godiva

The landlord gave me thirty days. The letter came out of the blue. In the mail. An official letter with a return receipt attached that I had to sign so the mailman could tell the sender that I’d gotten the letter, held it in my hands. My eviction notice was delivered to me.  I was dumbfounded,…

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