Goodbye Old Sock

In the dark desk drawer, she found the last long letter she’d written to dear departed Don, folded finely in fifths, saying sad serious things she hadn’t the heart to say out loud.


9 Comments on “Goodbye Old Sock

  1. Spectacular use of alliteration….it works to make it seem like the story is flowing along so lyrically from one chapter to the next.


  2. Alliteration is one of my favourite things (after wine and cake) and you do this so well in this short story that says so much. Thanks for joining in on the last challenge!


  3. I love alliteration so therefore, I love this post. Even without out them, it’s a great write and a great read.


  4. What a perfect ending to this bitter-sweet piece Jan and yes,loved the alliteration:-)Hope to see you around and it was great reading you on Trifecta.All the best:-)


  5. So sweet and so fun, Jan! I especially love ‘saying sad serious things’.
    I hope to see you over the cyber waves : )


  6. This is so clever! I love all the thrice-alliterated phrases! And such a touching little story. I wonder, did she hide it there because she never worked up the nerve to give it to him, or did he hide it there because it meant so much to him? It’s wonderfully vague. 🙂


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