College Roommate

It seemed so wrong to tell her that I’d looked up her boyfriend like she’d asked and that somehow more had happened than she’d planned because telling her would make everything different, would tell her she couldn’t trust me anymore, we wouldn’t be smiling or doing each other’s hair, her wings would grow larger and mine would disappear and it would be a bad thing that she’d never forget and neither would I, he being more unforgettable than my promise, all of it too rushed and hot to be drawn in an innocent picture with apologies and small hearts.

6 Comments on “College Roommate

  1. I really want to know what happens next! Aunt Beulah was right! This was wonderfully written and very good at drawing me in and making me think.


  2. So very well written, drawing me in with the illustration and first line, telling me just enough to make my mind work to understand the plot, then confirming my thoughts with the last sentence. Wonderful. I’m going to have to check out Light and Shade.


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