“She has the face of a goat.”

Isn’t that a little unkind? You know, she has a quite beautiful spirit.”

“Just make sure she wears a turtleneck and a very large hat if you ever take her anywhere important. Maybe a scarf. That is, if you ever do take her anywhere important which I bet you probably won’t. In your heart, you know she has the face of a goat. I’m only saying what you’re thinking. You remember, don’t you, that I know what you’re thinking.”

When she smiles, she’s beautiful.”

“No. She just becomes a smiling goat.”

There are worse things, mother, than a smiling goat.”

“You will have to surround her with bunnies and kittens and yellow finches all the time to take your mind off how goat-like she looks. It’s a huge sacrifice. It will take a lot of planning and a great deal of cleaning up. Every day. I can’t imagine the extra work.”

 “It’ll be merry and fun, mother, all of those creatures running around. We can play chasing games and sing songs from Snow White. It’ll be lovely. I can’t wait.”


#45/100:45th in a series of 100 in 100