“It’s good to have a hobby.”

“It is. What’s yours?”

“Throwing sticks in the water for my dog to fetch.”

“That’s not much of a hobby.”

“Who are you to judge? I’m quite good at it.”

“Better than the dog? I’d say she has the tougher job.”

Oh really. Do you see her throwing the stick? Scouring the beach to find a proper stick? Making sure not to throw the stick too far lest the dog exhaust herself and drown paddling after it? Wrestling the stick out of the dog’s jaws so it can be thrown again? Putting aside her own needs hour after hour for a dog, a lowly, witless dog that has no appreciation for the thousands of times the stick has been thrown for her exclusive enjoyment? Encouraging visitors to take pictures of the dog and eschewing the limelight herself? Being the unheralded. anonymous person behind the dog?

“Don’t get all hot about it.”

“I’m not. You just need to know there’s a lot more here than meets the eye.”