Ode to Jeans

Who wears jeans and why?

If I was a boy, I’d wear jeans with a tie.

Buff my shoes to a shine, look so fly.

Trade suits for jeans, start a fad.

Men to boys, go back to the bad.

Girls are the same, trapped in age.

Leave their jeans on the last page.

It’s true an old ass is not the same.

But it take years to learn the game.

Wish for youth each day you wake.

Or wear it with boots, it’s your take.


Just so you know I’ve not lost my mind (not entirely) – this is in response to The Daily Post daring us to write a post using only one-syllable words. You think it’s so easy? Try it!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “One at a Time.”

4 Comments on “Ode to Jeans

  1. Good job – and I wear jeans because I’m hanging on to the delusion that I still look sexy in them. It probably isn’t true, though, because they don’t make jeans that conform to the curves that aren’t where they used to be. Nah, I’d prefer to think I’m sexy in them.

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