Red's Wrap

If I was Jewish, we would be having Shabbat dinner right now. We would be lighting candles and blessing the children. We might sing songs and certainly bless and drink the wine. Gentiles who think Jews have no fun because they don’t celebrate Christmas don’t know about Shabbat and the hundred other rituals of Judaism, most of which involve gathering a lot of people around a table, blessing, remembering, eating, and being very joyful.

I tried being Jewish but it didn’t work. I married a Jewish man and when we adopted three children from Nicaragua, we made the unusual and inscrutable decision to raise them as Jews. A flimsy Methodist, it seemed to me that raising them as Jews would connect my kids more firmly to my husband’s family.

It puzzled people. Over dinner at a friend’s house, a college professor told me the kids should be raised as Catholics…

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