Lately I’ve been encouraging people to do NaBloPoMo, participate in writing contests, and just plain look for ways to bust out of the tiny. One way to do that is to respond to Mamalode‘s monthly themes.

Last month, Mamalode’s theme was “It’s Complicated.” Since my entire blogging repertoire could fall under that heading, I had to find something to submit. And I did. I sent them this essay about the process of raising children who are adopted and who have special needs when they are little. This is one of those essays that came straight from the heart and could only have been written now, at my age, seeing my grown children live their lives and no longer, rightfully and gratefully so, needing me to worry, manage, hover over them. My new job on the sidelines, actually up in the bleachers far away from the field, is satisfying in its own way. I try to explain that in this piece.

I’m grateful to Mamalode for publishing this piece, “If This, Then That,” giving it a beautiful graphic, and daring me to get 5,000 readers in thirty days. I bet I can. We’ll see.