A post for Hanukkah, Christmas, or any other ‘starting over’ holiday. You don’t have to figure everything out. You can just have dinner.

Red's Wrap

This month has been marked by a lot of coming and going.  Various family members going off to collect themselves and returning with a clean shirt and a calmer frame of mind. This is both actual and metaphorical.  By the end of November, we had gone through a lot of laundry.

I understand nothing in life if not fresh starts.  As a parent, I’ve learned that leaving the door unlocked is often all I have to do.

The trick about this is having no expectations (other than the clean shirt).  Kids show up — maybe after weeks or even months — and they sit down and have dinner.  And then very often they leave – without answering questions, without explanation.  They come and swish, like Zorro, they’re gone.

A psychologist would accuse me of compartmentalizing.  How do we have our adult kids just show up to Hanukkah dinner when there is…

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