A blog post from a LONG time ago about my older son who’s a dad now and works two full-time jobs. And still drinks MD. A friend reminded me of this one today so I’m re-posting just for the heck of it.

Red's Wrap

I’ve had a really bad attitude about Mountain Dew ever since I watched a PBS special about dental issues in Appalachia.  So seeing my son walk into a funeral with a half-drunk MD in the back pocket of his jeans really put me around the bend.  I hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks – it was one of those periods where we kind of purposely stayed out of each other’s way.

Of course, he was late. And although he seemed to have showered, who comes to a funeral in jeans?  He sat in a folding chair in front of me and put his Mountain Dew on the floor.  I hissed at him.  He turned around and gave me the look….the “what’s the problem, I’m innocent of everything ever, and why are you yelling at me” look.  I sank back into my mortification.  In my world, people still wore…

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