Red's Wrap

I shouted down the stairs to my husband, “Are you going to wear your Packer sweatshirt to the show?”

It was just a question. I wasn’t insinuating that he should change. So what if we were taking our granddaughter to the symphony downtown at the Performing Arts Center where the carpet is red and everything else is gold.

“Yeah,” he shouted up the stairs, “Just the sweatshirt. It’s not that cold out.”

I sat back in my office chair, rolling my eyes. “Ask Grandpa if he really intends to wear a sweatshirt to the PAC.” Our 7-year old granddaughter looked at me while she repeated the sentence in her head, then she twirled around and raced down the stairs.

“Nana says are you really wearing a sweatshirt to the PAC?”

Murmuring downstairs. Little girl reappears in my upstairs office.

“Grandpa says he might wear a cocktail dress.”

“Tell Grandpa…

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