One of my favorite little weird stories from a couple of years ago.

Red's Wrap

Once upon a time, there was a stringy brown woodchuck who desperately wanted to be big and powerful. His powerful urge to be powerful convinced him to buy a T-Rex costume on which he wore coursing through the woodchuck tunnels at night hoping to impress his neighbors. But, alas, they just scoffed.

The best the woodchuck could do was to find a real T-Rex to hang out with. That way, he knew he could feel power by association, the next best thing to having real power himself.

And so it was that the woodchuck hooked up with Big T-Rex, the thundering, spiky, mean as a not fed since last week junkyard dog Big T-Rex. Big T-Rex sized up the woodchuck and right away decided to call him Junior, Junior Woodchuck.

Big T-Rex and his little sidekick, Junior Woodchuck or JW, were forever together, inseparable it seemed. Big T-Rex would…

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