It’s Still Alright

“What’s that up there?”

“That’s the moon, Janey. Remember the moon?”

The moon. That’s the moon. What’s that up there?”

“The moon, Janey. It’s the moon. Remember the moon when we were young?”

“The moon. Moon. Moon.”

“That’s right, Janey. The moon.”

7 Comments on “It’s Still Alright

  1. This sounds like a conversation I’ve heard my friend have with her mother-in-law who has alzheimers. But I picture it as being between a long-married, loving couple.


    • A couple of things: 1) your piece was amazing and almost made me decide to give up before I started; and 2) I used moon so much that at one point I asked husband: how do you spell moon? because it started looking so strange.

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