Cook Something


Cook something. Anything.

Whoever is home first. Cook something.

Make it so when the other people come home, the house smells like food. It’s more important, in my book, that people smell food cooking than what the food actually tastes like.

When I had a houseful of kids, I wanted them to smell dinner cooking while they were upstairs. I wanted them to anticipate something fabulous on the table. Nine times out of ten what ended up on their plates was way less than fabulous. I banked on anticipation smothering disappointment.

Cooking dinner is a way of saying “I care enough about you to give you hope.”


4 Comments on “Cook Something

  1. I have my dad and his wife over from independent living about every 10 days or so for dinner. My sister’s family complete with his grandchildren also come. One of the first things my dad always says, ” it sure smells good.” And like you, some times…. Or maybe most times .. The actual meal is more about the people and the conversation. And I do try to have a good dessert to end on a good memory.


  2. I wish I’d been as kind-hearted as you. I cooked because my mom cooked, because it was cheap and tasted better, but mostly because it was one of the things I could do pretty well, and it gave me a way to shift gears between work in the office and work at home. That transition time was huge.

    And then, I was lucky to have kids who were adventuresome eaters. They seldom refused or complained in that area.

    There was also a lot of positive reinforcement. The kids’ friends, some of them, were amazed. They thought mashed potatoes were some kind of gourmet treat. And to this day, they call us “the Amish family,” just because I boiled pasta and tossed in what was at hand right there on the spot.


  3. Cooking for my family occasionally gets tedious, but for the most part after two years of never having the time to cook anything nice I’m really enjoying the meals we eat.


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