Red's Wrap

Fishing boat

If you married a man who was a fisherman, who fished not for single trout or salmon but for herds of whitefish which he then sold to stores and restaurants so tourists could enjoy an authentic Lake Superior meal, your whole life would smell of fish. But you probably wouldn’t have been thinking that when you married him. Then the fish smell that peeked out from under his Zest shower would seem earthy, extra, something other men didn’t have. Those men would seem soft, their pants too creased, afraid of deep water. A man that smelled of Zest and fish would wrestle the others to the ground. Little would you know this would mean you would be cleaning fish for the rest of your life. And that you, too, would smell of fish.

Yesterday, I found the scribbled notes my husband made on the back of an envelope, his preparation…

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