Because there are people who are trying to quit things who might profit by my quit story…

Red's Wrap


I’ve found two things very difficult to quit: cigarettes and certain people. Today’s topic is cigarettes.

My advice to people who want to quit smoking is simple. Stop. Drink a lot of water. And just get through the next five minutes.

Oddly, that’s the same advice I’d give to people trying to quit a person.

Addiction is addiction after all.

When I was smoking, I smoked first thing in the morning, last thing at night. I smoked in the car and at my desk, in the kitchen making dinner and, sometimes, oddly, during dinner. My cigarettes and lighter were always within reach. It felt cozy to me to be in a hot shower, the bathroom full of steam, and to be able to peek out from behind the shower curtain to see my cigarette’s sweet glow, the smoke curling into the damp. Sometimes I would reach out and hold the…

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