Red's Wrap

The first test didn’t convince me but the second one did. I wasn’t pregnant.

I received this news sitting on the toilet in a freezing gas station bathroom, the key with a big wooden handle labeled DOLLS balanced on the edge of the rusty white basin.

How could I sink this low? How could this matter so much? All night I had been thinking that in the morning, after I dropped off my husband and daughter at the ski slope, I’d drive to the nearest drugstore to buy a pregnancy test. I’d buy two, just in case, you know, the first one didn’t work. I felt tense and restless all night like I had a 9:00 a.m. meeting with my dealer.

I didn’t downhill ski but they did. They seemed happy to be left on their own, bonding on the ski slope, a 12-year old girl and her new stepfather…

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