Red's Wrap

Today, I miss my mother-in-law.  It’s Passover and I miss her.  She was the only person on earth who ever loved my husband more than me and because of that, she was formidable in all ways.  First of all, she was completely, totally, through and through Jewish.  I could feel her heartache looking at me across the room — oh, I was nice enough, but….you know, she had really hoped…where were all the nice Jewish girls?

Instead there was me.  And my 11-year old daughter.  And then there were the Nica kids – one, two, three.  And she became everyone’s Nana.

And if she ever had any reservations about how we built our family, she never said so.  Instead she looked like this the night Jhosy landed at Mitchell Field.

She started a new tradition of big family seders — and I mean, massively big, with cousins no one had ever met…

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