I think I heard that. What was it? The dogs are barking. Is it outside? Is there a cat outside? One of those coyotes? Is it in the house? Is somebody in the house?

They’re barking at the bedroom door. Why aren’t they barking out the window? Is somebody in the house? Maybe I should call the police. I can’t call the police. They’ll ask me questions. I won’t know what they’re asking me.  I can’t hear. Anything. They’ll think I’m crazy. A lunatic. How can I call the police? I can’t call the police.

Facebook. I’ll put it on Facebook for somebody to call the police. There are always people up at night, the people who can’t sleep. Somebody will see it. I can tell them there’s somebody in my house and they should call the police. Where’s my phone? It’s so dark and they’re still barking.

What are you up to? I think somebody’s in my house. I’m all alone and I think somebody got into my house. My dogs are barking. Can somebody call the police for me?

What are you up to? Is anybody awake out there? I need help. I need somebody to call the police and send them to my house. There’s somebody here.

What are you up to? Please, anybody. This isn’t a joke. I’m not kidding. PLEASE CALL THE POLICE!!!!!

“Hi, Jan.”

“Hi. Help me. There’s somebody in my house. Can you call the police?

“Ok. What should I tell them? Who’s in the house?”

“I don’t know. Somebody who broke in. It doesn’t matter. Just call the police.”

“Well, I need to know what to tell them. What makes you think somebody’s in the house?”

“My dogs are barking. And barking at the bedroom door. They’ve never done that before. Just call. Ok? Just call the police before something terrible happens.”

“Like what, Jan? I don’t want to bother the police just because you got yourself all afraid in the middle of the night. Maybe your dogs heard a mouse.”

“They didn’t hear a mouse. They heard a person. There’s a person in my house. My dogs heard them.”

“Well, you wouldn’t really know what your dogs heard, would you? You being hearing impaired and all.”

“Look, I’ll find somebody else to call the police. Maybe I’ll call them myself. How did you know I’m hearing impaired? Never mind.”

“No problem. You keep looking for another Facebook friend who’s awake. Meanwhile, I’ll just come on up the stairs and we can chat. You can read my lips.”