I have often said to other people what a wise person often said to me, “It will become clear.”

But the list of things that will never become clear to me or anyone else keeps growing. More and more, the list has been taken over by violence aimed at innocents.

What will never be clear to me is how any person could kill another person who presented no threat to them. It won’t become clear anytime soon how shooters could fire into a Paris restaurant or load, kill people, reload, kill more people in a concert hall. How would the justification for that ever become clear?

The comfort of saying “It will become clear” is that once whatever it is becomes clear, a path for resolution will appear. After all, if we can define a problem, we can usually solve it.  This is naive, sophomoric.

There is neither clarity nor a solution at hand. There is only watching the story unfold all night on CNN. I won’t live long enough for all of this to become clear.