Missing in Action

It’s so interesting to me that we seem to accept without question that the shooting, bombing and beheading going on in the world all seems to be done by men as if they were 99% of the population instead of 50%. Where is the other 50% and why aren’t they maiming and murdering people?

Is this just another case of women being kept out of the real action?

It’s true in our town.  It’s men who are doing the shooting and killing.  And it’s usually other men who are shot. But not always. Lately, there have been a few women and several children killed. When the men get going, they don’t care if there are kids swinging from the monkey bars. If they’re in the way, well, that’s just too bad. The men, you see, just have to have their anger and give it full expression. No matter what.

But not just men. Young men. Tonight on CNN, they are showing photos of the 26-year old Belgian who is suspected of being part of the Paris attacks. I look at his face and I think, what has happened to you in your 26 years that you feel justified murdering people you don’t even know? Do you have a sister? Yes? Where is she in all this? Why isn’t she strapping on an AK-47 ? Is it because you stopped her? Or is it because she is unable and unwilling to kill another person?

Oh, I think women are very capable of hatred. Able to achieve extraordinary levels of anger and cruelty. But generally only involving people they know. Their children. It’s an unhappy thought but true.

When was the last time that a woman armed herself to the hilt, sneaked into a movie theater and opened fire on the audience or barged into an elementary school and shot kindergartners and first graders hiding behind their teachers? Or the last time that a woman hijacked a plane or blew herself up in a suicide bombing? Has it ever happened? Yes. Is it 50% of the time? Not by a long shot.

What’s wrong with young men that they are doing these things? Or maybe the question is what’s wrong with young men that older men with less nerve can incite them to do such things. What motivates young men to go shoot people in Paris and then blow themselves up and why doesn’t that same thing motivate young women?

At what point do we realize that violence, mayhem and murder seem to be a young man’s game around the entire world and start thinking about solutions that mobilize the other 50% of the population that is murder and mayhem averse?

I guess my question is, and yes, I know it’s esoteric but I ask anyway, why are women so powerless to exert their will on the world? Why are we so acquiescent to this madness? Why are we not making our 50% a force for peaceful coexistence? It’s what we do in our neighborhoods. We hate our neighbor. We don’t kill him.

The silence of women in the world is truly deafening. Where are we?


8 Comments on “Missing in Action

  1. This is both simple and complicated. I believe in the cultures (and I include the rampant gun culture in the US) women are raised to be subservient and compliant, so they have little power. When they break out and claim their power they get out as fast as they can.
    But why indeed? It’s way more than 50% of the global population that opposes violence but it is difficult to fight a hidden, insidious and driven fringe, who seem to find glory in killing innocents the world over.


  2. Sometimes we balance the world just by being what we are and continuing on and not becoming what we hate. As to what makes men angry, radical and more violent than women? I think it is called testosterone.


  3. My theory is that so many young men are bored these days, unemployed, at a loose end, that joining a terrorist group looks like a good way to belong to something ‘meaningful’ and exciting. I’m a cynic. I wonder if women just don’t have the necessary detachment to kill people – they can’t help seeing them as other people’s children.

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