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One of the great things about being older is taking the “I think” out of every sentence of consequence.

As in “This is a crock” vs. “I think this is a crock.”

I noticed this today when I read a business email before sending it and decided to soften a statement of opinion by prefacing it with “I think.”

I need to dial that sentence down a notch, I thought to myself, not sound so authoritative. But really what I was doing was reverting back to the vast Who Am I to Say Something is True Even If It Is wasteland that is much of female discourse.

I don’t want to sound too pushy, I thought. Seriously! One of the characters in my internal dialogue, the one wearing pantyhose and apologizing all the time when other people run into her, actually said this today.  The other chick, the one who’s older and wears hiking boots everyday even with skirts, accused the first chick of being a throwback.

They squabbled until I intervened and told the older chick that just this once she could come down from her wisdom high and mingle with the people.

So I put in the “I think” and then I thought, you weasel.

This is a crock.