I am glad for so many things. I am glad that…..

  • Movies I loved the first time are now classics like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; the characters like friends from my youth, McMurphy is who we all secretly are, crazy nuts but not.
  • I bought a deep fryer for my husband for Christmas despite all the onerous health implications because it meant that I could make Pakora (Indian vegetable fritters) tonight to go along with our shrimp curry; think donuts with crazy spices like cayenne and tandoori masala, oh, and fenugreek and fennel seeds and dried mint and spinach and cauliflower and potatoes.
  • I didn’t quit working when no one would have blamed me for giving up because of my incredible hearing loss, and insanely glad that there is still work for me now that I’ve had a cochlear implant and I can actually hear what people are saying; my ability to wing it was wearing thin and wearing out; Cinderella with her glass slipper didn’t have it as good as I have it right now.
  • I saw a picture on Facebook today of my ex-husband walking hand in hand with our three-year old grandson; it was a curious blessing that we have both lived long enough to have this joy, each on our own, and it made me happy to see.
  • I can observe my kids’ lives but not be responsible for them; it occurred to me that the great sense of freedom I have right now is due to no longer being responsible for my children’s well-being or happiness, they are the people they are, bless them, my work is done and it’s cause for celebration.

So that’s what I have this Saturday night in January. That, and another glass of wine.