pool ladder

I looked at my 10-year old granddaughter standing in front of her locker at the JCC, not a stitch on, completely comfortable, at ease, unaware, uncaring, unconscious of the thought of being self-conscious. All those many years of taking her swimming every Sunday, our dressing and undressing together, talking back and forth in the locker room, drying our hair, being comfortable in a world of naked women. I taught her that, I thought.

So much of what we pass on is just in the doing.

I never told her not to feel self-conscious. I never told her to be comfortable in her own skin or to love her body the way it is. We never discussed any of that.

We just came to the pool, got undressed, went swimming, showered, got dressed and left.

We were just ourselves.

I like that I got that one thing right.