Minnie (2)

BowWow: Did you see they bought a new rug?

Minnie: Yes. I also see you scoping it out like it’s a fresh lamp chop.

BowWow: That’s a crummy thing to say. I just like to be clear about my turf.

Minnie: Your turf? Everything is your turf. Wherever I’m sleeping suddenly becomes your turf.

BowWow: The world functions best when there’s an Alpha situation.

Minnie: An Alpha situation? What do you mean ‘an Alpha situation?’

BowWow: Well, obviously, someone has to be in charge. Otherwise, there’s chaos.

Minnie: Chaos.

BowWow: Right. There’s chaos when everyone runs around the house thinking they’re equal.

Minnie: Okay. So you’re saying that in order to avoid chaos, you have to be in charge?

BowWow: Exactly! It’s a matter of everyone knowing their place.

Minnie: I see. So where’s my place?

BowWow: Wherever I don’t want to be. That’s your place. It actually gives you a lot of options since I can’t be everywhere. You just have to pay attention to where it is I’m not.

Minnie: Is this a real conversation?

BowWow: Absolutely. Although after all these years, Minnie, I shouldn’t have to tell you this stuff. You really should know by now.

Minnie: Oh brother.

BowWow: Don’t worry. We’ll get into a system and it’ll be like second nature to you. We won’t have to have these little convos all the time about whose place is where. You’ll just know. It’ll be great. Time-saving. EX-PE-DI-ENT!

Minnie: Expedient. Big word, BowWow. Really big. I’m very impressed.