It’s in the little things. That’s where you find the effects of gender stereotypes – tiny little reflexes and decisions. Who drives. Who holds on. Motorcycles and going fast – read about it here.

Red's Wrap

The Vespa came up alongside me yesterday at a busy stoplight. A young woman was driving with a guy sitting behind her. She was short and compact and it was obvious that the Vespa was hers and she was giving him a ride. He had his hands clutching the sides of the seat and his long legs jutted out like big handles on an old-fashioned tea cup. He seemed too tall to be a passenger, as if any Vespa should have a passenger, and I wondered as we moved forward in our double left turn lane how she would maneuver the turn with all that weight and height on the back. She motored through very slowly, no risk-taking here, finished the turn and drove on. Now ahead of me, the guy looking back at me every few seconds, seemingly worried that they might be going too slow.

I was impressed…

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