This mothering business – it’s not all buttercups and roses.

Red's Wrap

The disproportionality of the motherhood experience just smacks me in the face sometimes.

We all start pretty much equal, right? We’re young women in our twenties, we get connected to someone, maybe get married, feel suddenly completely impelled to have children, impelled as if our entire lives have been directed to that single purpose. Never mind the advanced degrees, the years spent building a career and a reputation, it’s having a baby that suddenly becomes the raison d’etre. Why is that?

And so, we stash our degrees and our ambitions, as least for a while, and we have these babies. We’re still pretty much equal. We’re all at the starting gate in matching running shoes, all of us fit, muscled, cute, hoop earrings, can run like the wind, smiling. Our sweat is so fine. We are perfect in our minds. Next will be strollers through the park, our babies, our products…

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