Minnie and BowWow

BowWow: You gotta love Sarah Palin. She’s the shit.

Minnie: I see you’re back to swearing again. I knew it wouldn’t last.

BowWow: Yeah. Fuck that. I went from New Year’s to now. So that’s a big fucking deal in my book. You know, it’s like that day in the spring when you stop paying the man and start making your own money, right?

Minnie: I don’t know. Whatever. So about Sarah Palin. She strikes me as a little needy and kind of limited, you know, brain wise. Why should I love her?

BowWow: Because DT is gonna pick her to be VP. You can just feel it. She’s angling, he’s trolling, somebody’s gonna get snagged. She got new glasses for it. Did you see? She looks completely different. Very smart.

Minnie: It takes more than glasses to make a person smart.

BowWow: Bullshit. It’s all blue smoke and mirrors. Isn’t that what the lady used to say when she was going off to snow some poor client?

Minnie: That’s not nice. She feeds us, remember?

BowWow: I don’t care. I want to be free of the oppression of handouts.

Minnie: What?

BowWow: Charity. It’s crippling. It saps your independence, makes you a stupid lap dog, a little licker.

Minnie: We went from Sarah Palin to talking about charity?

BowWow: Not charity, Minnie. I’m talking about the fucking welfare state. We don’t earn that kibble. She just gives it to us because we are D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.

Minnie: Good grief, BowWow. Are you gearing up to be a Republican?

BowWow: I’m not anything. I’m an INdependent which you see is the opposite of DEpendent. I want to be IN and not DE.

Minnie: So if you support Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, you will be IN and not DE. Am I getting this right?

BowWow: Yes! Plus I heard that Donald Trump is getting glasses, too. Pretty fucking cool, hey? So then they’ll both have glasses!

Minnie: Ah. Yes. Mensa.