Here to remind us that relationships are complex and nuanced….Minnie and BowWow wrestle with bow shaming.

Red's Wrap


BowWow: This bow makes me look really stupid.

Minnie: I think it’s very becoming. It’s nice to get a bath and a haircut and then have a little bow or something to pretty things up.

BowWow: Pretty things up? I’m a DOG. The haircut they gave me makes me look like a stuffed animal. Pisses me off. Every time I come home looking like part of somebody’s Easter basket. I wish they had more manly cuts. You know, like a fade.

Minnie: A fade? You want the groomer lady to give you a fade? Maybe she could shave BW on each side right behind your little teeny ears.

BowWow: Don’t mock me. Help me get this bow off.

Minnie: No.

BowWow: Well, how the fuck am I going to get it off myself? I don’t have hands, remember? And it’s too close to…

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