Saying race and ethnic origin doesn’t matter because adoption is all about love and forever families is sweet but not real. It matters.

Red's Wrap

I really like Sandra Bullock and I’m really glad she dumped that jerk-off husband of hers and I was really happy for her when she snatched happiness from the jaws of humiliation by adopting a little boy but I don’t know how I feel about this picture.

Today at a playground in one of Wisconsin’s small, picturesque towns, I watched an African American toddler gallop across the turf to climb on a slide, a nice white lady in hot pursuit.

Then I saw two black kids on the swings with a white guy pushing them and I immediately go on ‘adoptive mom alert’.

They’ve got to be adopted, I decide.  Right away, I figure they’re ‘foster to adopt’ kids and start wondering if they came one by one or as a bunch.

My first instinct is to hug the mom.  Tell her I love her for being an adoptive…

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