BowWow: It was shitty that those feminists put up that statue of Donald Trump with nothing on.

Minnie: What? Feminists didn’t do that. It was an artist and quite a fine one at that. Such attention to the smallest detail.

BowWow: Sure. Anything to make DT look bad. And he looks pretty bad. Jeez. Wow. Not to judge. But jeez.

Minnie: It’s a metaphor, BowWow.

BowWow: No, it’s a statue. See right here? It’s a statue. It’s not a for a meta or anything else. It’s an actual statue.

Minnie: Okay. It’s a statue. But the metaphor is that the ’emperor has no clothes.’

BowWow: Jesus H. What does that even mean? Every emperor has clothes. They’re rich. They have great clothes. DT’s clothes are pretty nice but he never buttons his coat which kind of bugs me. And then there’s that tie hanging. Maybe it’s a cover-up, though, I’m thinking. I would. Cover-up.

Minnie: Right. Like you would ever cover up anything. You’re so out there 90% of the time, I could hang a coat on it.

BowWow: Minnie!

Minnie: Oh, you love it. All you guys love dick stuff. Don’t pretend you don’t.

BowWow: So what do you think about that swimmer guy with the white hair?

Minnie: Lochte?

BowWow: Yeah, him. He said he was robbed and then he wasn’t robbed and then it ended up being about him and his friends having to pee and the bathroom being locked which I don’t get because why didn’t they just pee on a tree like everybody else.

Minnie: Because it’s kind of uncouth to be peeing in the streets of a foreign country?

BowWow: Who even cares? People pee where they pee.

Minnie: No. Dogs pee where they pee. More specifically, you pee where you pee. The rest of us wait for the right time and place which is, I think, what Mr. Lochte was trying to do and then things got out of hand.

BowWow: At least he has hands.

Minnie: Life with you seems endless sometimes BowWow. And base. It’s a struggle to rise above it all.


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Photo: Katherine Brooks, The Huffington Post, 8/18/16