The day I decided to quit being sad about getting old.

Red's Wrap

Flying Bicycle

I crossed over today. There’s no other way to say it. Like a dying person who sees the bright light, I’ve stopped the struggle, ended the resistance, faced the truth and found that I am fine with it. All at once and for no reason that I can explain, I am just fine with being 65.

At a stoplight today, I looked up at the sky and thought I should take a picture of this, the top of the windshield and the bluest blue sky. It could be my emblem of freedom, driving around town in a Thunderbird convertible. Two older guys in a black Cadillac looked over at me, gave my car a very approving look, and gave me two thumbs up. I feel fine when people who really appreciate pretty cars like my car. People who have taste, discernment, people like me who are older and have seen…

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