Will people let you be well when that time comes? An important question.

Red's Wrap

If this note had been left on my pillow when I was 19, I would have been offended. Advice from any corner, even my future 65 year-old self, would be an insinuation that I wasn’t running my own life well. And even if it was true that almost nothing was right, my time spent in fluttered reactions to events considered catastrophic, I would have turned away from whatever the note said, although I probably would have put it in the back of the Bible my mother gave me or with the packet of letters I kept in The Prophet, both on the shelf above my dorm room desk.

The note, if I wrote it and if I read it, would say this:

Dear Jan,

You will experience and endure many shit storms in your life. Sometimes the storms’ velocity and terror will make you drop to the floor in tears or careen…

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