While we’re on the topic of authentic apologies…

Red's Wrap

Interpersonal warfare has many dimensions. In the giant storeroom of weapons and strategies, next to the M16’s and poison arrows, is the rebuked apology.

This is the scalpel of conflict, the slitting of the aorta, the permanent solution. There is no coming back from the brink of a rebuked apology; it is just an avalanche of large rocks from then on out.

So has this happened to you? Apologized to someone and have them refuse your apology? It could go like this.

“Hey, I’m actually starting to miss you as a friend. Do you want to call a truce and kind of pick up where we left off?”

“No.  You’re too crazy/too moody/too critical/too aggressive/too much/too/too/too.”

Or have you sat on your tuffet daintily nibbling, deigning just for a moment to listen to the supplicant’s pitch, maybe even considering an apology like a small ring on a large pillow, before heaving it  against…

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