For my friend, Pat, whose celebration of life gathering was held today. You were one of a kind, my friend. One of a remarkable, luminescent kind.

Red's Wrap

I have a friend who, in the face of recurring cancer, throws a Kentucky Derby party.

And she won’t let you in the door unless you’re wearing a hat. And she expects you to bring a dish which you will describe to the other guests as she points to it, making sure the gaze of everyone in the room is centered on, in my case, extraordinary, high end wieners in bourbon sauce. (Don’t laugh. I’ve spent a lifetime searching for my “signature dish,” that one dish that mourners would bring to my funeral, wanting to comfort my mystified descendants who themselves will have never tasted said dish since they never went to any Derby parties with me.)

So my friend, the one with the recurring cancer, the one facing a list of horrors the very next morning, things that involve a hospital gown and anesthesia and recovery and chemotherapy and…

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