The scary thing about Trump is that men like him. Tell me why men support Trump vs. Clinton, 48% to 45%. This is way more interesting to me than why women support Clinton vs. Trump, 53% to 41%. (CNN 10-24-16) But it’s the two pieces of data taken together that are the most amazing..

What’s at work here?

What do men see in Trump that so many women seem to be missing?

Is Trump the bad boy they never had the nerve to be? Maybe.

Is Trump the billionaire finally giving voice to men’s economic angst? Maybe.

Or is Trump a guy and that’s enough? Probably.

Swap out Hillary Clinton with any other female presidential candidate, real or imagined. I bet the percentages look the same. The gap between male and female voters would be the same.

Why? Because it’s not about Trump or Clinton. It’s about male or female.

It’s about men who, at their core, just can’t fathom voting for a woman for president. Oh, they’re not bad guys, probably not racist, and they’d all likely claim not to be sexist. They might be holding a toddler in one arm and a bag of groceries in the other when they’re interviewed. They’re decent guys.

But they have a little nub. A little, tiny, tough as steel nub. And in the nub it is written that men do certain things and women do certain things. Times have changed but the nub hasn’t changed. Because it is written and it’s fixed. Permanent. Men deny this, mostly because they are unaware of their own nub. But I’m not unaware. I can see it in the slight wincing, the steeling oneself moves that even the most committed Democratic man seems to make about voting for Clinton as if it is somehow vaguely physically painful. For those men with no concrete political views, the nub tells them what to do. Trump is the safer bet. He is, after all, fundamentally like them. And they trust themselves. That’s written in the nub, too. A lot of things are crammed in there.

This could be a depressing thing to discover. Or it could just be illuminating. What I take away from this whole election process is this: we (women) are idiots if we think sexism is over. It lives on in the nub. You might not see it and you might not feel it but when push comes to shove, the nub rules for a lot of men. You might be married to one of them.

Just an observation in the last days of this endless, difficult campaign season.


Photo: 10-24-16