I live in a house without crackers

It’s all my fault

I should have bought crackers

The toilet paper is thin and scratchy

Making me envy wiser shoppers

Who understand ply and plushness

My coffee is grey with milk

We are out of half and half

It’s what I deserve, it’s all my fault

Many things are inadequate

It’s a rash spreading up my arms

It’s all my fault

The long list folds in thirds

Mistakes of supplies and living

I should pay more attention

3 Comments on “Blame

  1. The repetition and the lack of punctuation make this really effective, like we’re hearing the voice in their head scolding. My favorite lines were “My coffee is grey with milk” and “The long list folds in thirds.”


  2. This was a very relatable poem. Thanks for sharing.

    My only nitpick was that I thought the last two “it’s all my fault” lines were a bit close to each other, which made them lose a bit of impact for me. Maybe consider taking one out?

    Great job.


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