I Got Your Back, Baby

As this one tough girl faces a big, complicated heart surgery on Wednesday. Pray for her, if you will.

Red's Wrap


My girl Jhosy is one tough cookie.  Tough cookie, as in if I was in a dark alley and could pick only one buddy – I’d vote for Jhosy over some big muscle guy.  Because she’s got grit, like you wouldn’t believe.

The downside of all this toughness while she was growing up was that she could be a handful.  She was used to fending for herself before she became part of our family and  never lost the skill. I respect that. 

Jhosy also knows when to call in reinforcements.  Yesterday, she asked me to come to an important meeting, just to be there, to be her back-up.  So I did.  That’s what I do.  A lot of times I don’t necessarily agree with what’s happening.  Jhosy’s got a gift for sticking up for herself and sometimes it gets complicated and expensive. But she asks and I show up.  It’s the…

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