Appropriate for the times — a reflection on lying and liars.

Red's Wrap

There are secret schools where people go to learn how to lie. There they learn how to be ambitious in their lying and convincingly upset when challenged. They study tapes of Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong issuing denials about their doping, watch them both holding their hands over their hearts, keeping the unmanly tears at bay just enough that only the glimmer of welling up is visible from the camera’s distance.

At the school, they learn that in order to be a virtuoso at lying, one must practice 10,000 hours and so they embark, first with the lessor lies, telling homely, ill-dressed people they are perfectly put together, a lie that so overlaps with charity that it is laudable, kind, hardly a lie at all. Therapy. A favor. Telling people what they want to hear, the foundation of truly accomplished lying is what is learned first at the school of…

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