There could not have been a better Christmas Day.

Red's Wrap

This is the story of a magical day – a sterling day, so perfect that it could only have been a crafted, scripted waking dream.  The gods created it, I’m sure, as a gift for our strained family and the troubled times we had been having.

On Christmas Day, 2004, our 19-year old son, Nelson, returned to San Marcos, Nicaragua, the village he’d left in 1986 as a very ill and fragile 21-month old boy.  First, we visited the site of his former orphanage – now a small college.  And then we started walking and exploring.  Around the corner from the old orphanage was a soccer stadium, empty except for a couple of middle-aged men standing in the middle of the field.  We watched for a while.  Looked at the volcano in the distance and joked about how Nelson, the high school soccer player (All Conference honorable mention, I’ll have…

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