Last year’s New Year’s resolution still holds true.

Red's Wrap

Every year I come up with a three-word New Year’s resolution. The year before last it was “accelerate through curves,” which I liked a lot because it sounded bold and fearless. Someone who rode motorcycles once told me that’s what you do with curves, counter-intuitive to the impulse to slow down. You slow down, apparently, and you will tip over.  So I liked that New Year’s resolution although I’m not sure I fulfilled it. Often, I am more about phrase-making than life-changing.

Last year’s resolution I made and forgot. I could find it if I scrolled through Facebook  but it seems to me that a resolution that requires hunting down is pretty lame.

The last few days, a new phrase has been driving by and waving at me often enough that I think it might be my New Year’s resolution. This is it: Keep showing up.

I’d expound on…

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