The Ghost of Adoption Future

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I’m a member of a Facebook group of people who have or are going to adopt children from Nicaragua. I joined because we have three children adopted from Nicaragua but it was a long time ago – 1986, 1988 and 1994. Still, it intrigued me, the idea of knowing other people who had made this decision, taken this extraordinary step to make a child from an entirely different country their own. Looking back, it seems almost unfathomable that we did this very improbable thing.

So I see posts on this Facebook page every now and then. Prospective parents asking for advice on the adoption process. New parents in Nicaragua spending the now-required six months of residency to finalize their adoptions. Parents in the U.S. looking for advice about language and attachment. All of it is so fresh. These parents are in labor this very minute. That’s the feeling I get…

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3 Comments on “The Ghost of Adoption Future

  1. Do you remember the name of the adopted girl that live in Spain.
    Mama of Rebecca Ramon adopted in nov. 1993 .Her name in Rolando Caroso was Yosseling Lisette Bermudez. Now living in Belgium and friend of Ivania.


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