Red's Wrap

For two weeks, I have been dreading the start of Master’s Swim. I signed up again because my friend Karen had that look on her face that reminded me that doing Master’s Swim felt great, in the abstract anyway.  While I was actually at Master’s Swim, it was really difficult, the longest hour I’ve spent since childbirth.  The women there were mostly training for triathlons.  That’s originally why Karen and I signed up a few years ago.  We were actually in a triathlon.

Here’s us finishing said triathlon.  We finished in a little over three hours, plenty of time for Karen to run to the bathroom 16 times and me to peddle the 1200 miles that constituted the bike portion.  I was so slow on the bike that Karen kept going ahead and circling back, telling me once, “I’ll be right back.  I have to go pass that old bitch…

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