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Red's Wrap

“Don’t drop me at the corner. Go up two blocks and turn right. I wanna show you something,” he said, picking up the Chicken Nuggets box and the plastic barbecue sauce packets, sucking the last life out of his giant soda and cramming it all into the McDonald’s bag.

She liked it that he bussed his side of the car. He was neat, didn’t expect other people to clean up after him. That’s important, to be tidy, no matter what life throws at you. She started to say this, compliment him on his good behavior and stretch it to fit the rest of his foul life. There are lessons in everything if you look, she thought, but she held back, worried that he’d take it the wrong way, that he might think she didn’t accept him the way he is.

“After I turn right, how far do I go? What’s the address?” Going…

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