Today was remarkable for having taken this picture of a perfect sea gull, his feathers slightly ruffled, and the light casting the thinnest shadow of his legs, shadows that look like someone took a very sharp #2 pencil and drew shadows where they would be if the sun was shining just so.

I tried to get the gull to look at me but he refused. It was as if he knew his countenance in profile would be more impressive. And it was, I think, though I don’t have a portrait shot for comparison.

Today was remarkable for seeing this mama seal and her baby lolling just yards away on the cliffs of La Jolla Cove. I wanted to hike myself over the little fence and go pet them, feel their smoothness with my hands, see if their little whiskered muzzles were soft like a horse’s. But I didn’t do that. It seemed more out of the ordinary than I prefer to be. Instead, we stood taking pictures, next to a group of Japanese tourists. They came all the way across the ocean, I thought, to see this. So it is pretty worth seeing.


Today was remarkable for seeing this oddly wonderful piece of art perched on the high cliffs of La Jolla. A picture is worth a thousand words. A perfect word is worth the ocean and the sky above. Words like these, I mean.


There were many people walking along the cliffs overlooking the ocean at La Jolla today. Many people who saw the sea gull, the seals, and the green lifeguard box on a pole and all its fabulous words. And we were two of them. It was remarkable and lovely.