Red's Wrap

It’s the part they don’t tell you.

Your ego will go out and come back in again a dozen times during your life. And each time you’re flat and ironed out, you will somehow magically become robust and vibrant. But there’s no predicting when that will happen. You can’t control it or create it. A new ego just bursts upon you.

Not if you’re lucky or deserving. Just because you keep going.

I know this, of course, because that is what has happened to me. The benefit of having lived a long time is the accumulation of data. I can chart things, not over years like younger people, but over decades. The graphs I can draw of the wilting and blooming of my ego look like the tracings of an economist through the past sixty-eight years, this boom, that depression, bull markets, bear markets.

I can make a list of…

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