Mow Me Some Dinner

Red's Wrap

Blueberry pieAt one time, my signature dish was canned ham and this pie. The hams were pedestrian, triangular, no fail. Although once I dropped one on the kitchen floor and it went skidding while my husband’s boss and his wife were in the other room. It’s when I learned to wash meat. More on that later.

The pie, I have to say, was a triumph every time. It had the magic of Jello but with a way more complex flavor profile. Some found the purple color off-putting, especially if the pie at hand veered toward the blue. People don’t like blue food except blue berries. I’m enough of a foodie to know that. Anyway, I probably made this pie a hundred times. Every time we had company. So, well, it wouldn’t have been a hundred times. This was a first marriage pie and it didn’t last long enough for a hundred…

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