Red's Wrap

I am doomed.  If I thought I was going to do figure eights around Alzheimer’s Disease, taking first the inner edge then the outer of a perfect pair of white figure skates, laughing knowingly at my age peers stringing little beads together around a table where adolescent recreational therapists tried to keep them happy and oriented to date and time, I was completely, totally, absolutely fucking wrong.  Because today, my friends, the ubiquitous hearing aid ad in the paper proclaimed: People with untreated hearing loss have 2 to 3 X the risk of having Alzheimer’s Disease.

I saw the ad, dropped the newspaper on the bed, covered my ears, and yelped.  How is it possible that my hearing loss which is, itself, driving me utterly crazy and draping me with hearing aids and electronic streamers and unanswered phone calls and personal space violations galore, how is it that, in addition to…

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