Red's Wrap

I’m no stranger to bold things. Two marriages that kind of happened out of the blue. Children we had to go get from a foreign country. Jobs taken and quit. Brinksmanship of varying types.

Once, after having been driven to complete madness by a married lover, I drove to his house, knocked on the door and told his wife who I was. She invited me in and we had an interesting chat around the kitchen table, the three of us, almost like we’d been neighbors for years. I don’t remember if there was coffee. She seemed unperturbed, though, like possibly I wasn’t the first happy surprise on the doorstep. Leaving, trying to avoid his silver Corvette,I backed in a light pole on the side of their driveway, causing a U-shaped dent in my yellow Toyota’s bumper.

I drove back to my little upper flat, quivering from the likely consequences of my bold move…

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