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Woman wearing a hat

It takes courage to wear a hat. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A baseball cap is easy. Every one – male or female – looks good in a baseball cap. So I’ve got no special admiration for people who sport baseball caps. It’s fine. It’s cool. It’s a little wee statement. You’re a Packers fan or a cancer survivor or maybe a survivor of one of those insane cancer charity walks. So a baseball cap is cute and maybe a tad informative, but requires little by way of chutzpah.

A real hat – like a fedora or a big sun hat – is a different matter. Before I transitioned into the hat-wearing world, I’d buy hats, hang hats on hooks on my bedroom wall, put a hat on, walk around the house in it, catch my image in a couple of mirrors and hang the hat back up. I’m…

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